After Kinsey

This concluding seminar considered the epistemic, intersubjective and affective implications of ‘trans’ culture, discourse and practice. It asked whether, to what degree and in what terms the emergence of ‘trans’ challenges conceptual norms across different cultural sites from professional to popular to everyday practice.


Zowie Davy
‘Kinsey’s Misused Legacy: Moving on from continuums’

Kat Gupta
“Her only crime was to be different”: mainstream media and Lucy Meadows in a post-
Leveson context

Sally Hines
‘“I am a Feminist but…”: Transgender Men, Women and Feminism

Chryssy Hunter
‘Sex and gender, sex/gender or sexgender: a politics of embodiment and identity in a neoliberal age.’

Mijke van der Drift
‘Trans* as the pursuit of Eudaimonia’

Greygory Vass
Open Barbers

Roundtable Feedback

[coming soon]



Additional Resources



After Kinsey


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