Trans Genealogies

This seminar focused on the implications of ‘trans’ identifications and repertoires for two key arenas of professional practice: clinical and psychotherapeutic. Themes included: narratives of ‘authenticity’ that guide clinical protocols, psychotherapeutic approaches and patient self-identifications; ‘pathways of care’ surrounding interventions and management of ‘trans’ bodies; professional discourses (educational, diagnostic) and clinical and practice protocols vis a vis patient or client experience; ‘alternative’ therapeutic discourses and the ‘trans’ self-help context.


Lyndsey Moon
Introduction to ‘Trans Genealogies’

James Morton
Help or Harm? Trans people’s experiences of health services and the impact on their mental health

Y. Gavriel Ansara
From ‘Affirmation’ to Liberation: The cisgenderism framework as a new model for clinical and psychotherapeutic practice

Alex Drummond
Knowing the Unknown: Therapeutic issues in working with queer

Michelle Bridgman
From Pathology to Identity – The emergence of Transgender and the meaning for clients

Group Discussions

Group 1 (coming soon)

Group 2 (coming soon)

Group 3 (coming soon)

Seminar Documents


Series Programme

Trans Genealogies


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