Freiya Benson

Genderfork – true stories from the edge of gender identity


In this seminar Freiya will be talking about how the website,, has helped people explore their own, and others, identities, feelings and gendered experiences. Freiya will also discuss the emergence of new identities forged through the site, and how gender exploration on the internet is changing the way we all view gender and identity, and in particular, how Genderfork is helping with this change.


Freiya Benson is the curator for quotes and questions on, a supportive web based community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum. She is also heavily involved in the re-launching of Genderplayful, a sister site to Genderfork, which will focus more on clothing and fashion for gender variant people. Alongside this she also runs an online forum for people of all gender identities, and writes a blog,, about the perils of being single and genderqueer in your late thirties.

She lives and works in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK, and when she’s not glued to a computer screen she spends her time designing award winning window displays, photographing things that catch her eye, and, weather permitting, relaxing on the beach.


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