Lee Gale

Widening the Depth of Field: Trans* lives behind the lens


This presentation examines positive role models versus the narrow-minded versions we often see in the media. It introduces the work of TransBareAll, which partly came about after a successful photography project in 2007. It also looks at an upcoming photography book on the rich variety of Trans* relationships, which has been developed in partnership with well-known London photography Sara Davidmann.


Lee Gale is the co-founder of TransBareAll. The group was born from the Transtastic Men Calendar, produced in 2008. The aim of the calendar was to raise awareness of trans men, showing the community that we can be proud of who we are and raising funds for UK trans organisations. During the production of this calendar, the models became more confident and more comfortable about their differing bodies.

Transbareall founders Lee and Jay McNeil realised there was an opportunity to enable many more trans people to explore their bodies and feel more confident, proud and sexy. There are still a large number of people who feel profoundly uncomfortable, find it hard to accept their bodies and who are unable to live their lives to the full. They hope to help people start to overcome the issues that trans people face and look towards the future.


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