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New resources, and what comes next

With our final event now over, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to an exciting, informative and inspiring series of events, be it through speaking, attending, administrative support or contributing skills and ideas.

This will not be the end of the project. We have plans for a journal issue and a book in the pipeline, and will also continue to update this website with resources generated at and/or relevant to the seminar series.

To begin with, we’re delighted to share a playlist of content from our third event, Trans In Popular Representation.

This playlist will eventually be updated with an additional video featuring Lee Gale’s talk.


Tomorrow’s seminar: Twitter, livestreaming and more

Our next seminar will rake place tomorrow (Thursday 23rd May) in the Ramphal Building, University of Warwick. There are still a handful of places left so please register if you haven’t done so already!

We have now finalised the agenda for the day. You can read it here.

We encourage participants to engage actively with the subject matter. There will therefore be a number of opportunity for group discussions during the day.

There will also be a Twitter hashtag for the event: #transseminars

We are still hoping to offer a livestream from the event for those who cannot attend. This site should be updated with further information by this evening.


Resources from ‘Trans Genealogies’

We now have a variety of resources from the first seminar in the series – Trans Genealogiesavailable on the site. These include videos, abstracts, speaker biographies, powerpoint slides and links. Summaries of the group discussions should also follow soon.

There is also Trans Genealogies playlist on YouTube, with a variety of videos from the day. Alex Drummond has kindly donated her editing skills, meaning that powerpoint slides and other media are incorporated into most of these videos.

James Morton

We’d like to thank all of the speakers for allowing us to use resources and/or video footage related to their work.

More information on our next event – Trans As Everyday Culturewill follow very soon! We’ll be posting all about speakers and our agenda for the day both on this website and on our new Facebook page.

Website launch

Welcome to our new site!

We will be announcing further details of our first event over the coming weeks, building upon the basic information currently available.

In the long term, we hope to provide a wide range of resources for academics, practitioners, community members and activists.